Baracuda has been down with Plague Language since day one, has released two albums. Tetragrammaton and Knucklebone. He has also done The Do Tell Mixtape, the Bourgeois Cyborgs project with Noah23 and numerous collabos with Modulok among others. Young Fish in the building.

Baracuda- Tetragammoth

01. Tetragammoth feat. Staple Mouth

02. The Pattern that Lies Beneath Us

03. Waking Life Moment

04. Human Development

05. Deadly Rays feat. Noah23

06. Ice Age

07. Royal City Chainsaw Massacre

08. Unpardonable Sins

09. Dental Plan feat. Noah23

10. Mulberry Skies

11. Snap

12. Sattelites feat. Livestock

13. Mutagen feat. Modulok & Hangnail

14. Rain Buckets

15. Duplicate Version feat. Noah23

16. Regime

Baracuda- Knucklebone

1. Fishguts

2. Blueprints For Disaster

3. Trap Purpose

4. Most Dangerous Ft Galactus & Astral of the Embassy

5. Half Blinted

6. Off The Hook Ft Noah 23

7. Architect Wet

8. Pecan Dirty Rice Ft Modulok of Red Ants

9. Rendezvous Night Out

10. Out the Ashes

11. Togetherness Ft Friendlyness

12. Final Splash Ft Livestock

13. Flood

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